Mallard Duckling
11/0 Bead Kit


Beads in kit to use with pattern by Sheila Root (sold separately at


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BEAD KIT for 3D Mallard Duckling
Pattern must be purchased separately exclusively available at

  • Size 11/0 Miyuki Seed Beads for 1 Mallard Duckling, 4mm round beads for eyes, plus support wire and size 8/0 beads for legs.
    See packaging photo for exact contents and colors.

Kit Version: 11.01.2023.

Our rule of thumb is to round up to the next gram. Generally, under 3g we round up to the nearest .5 gram, gram for most, and extra gram plus round up for larger quantities. If quantities are very close, we will round up further to make sure nobody comes up short!

Bead availability fluctuates, so we will adapt this kit according to availability and supply may be limited. All substitutions are cleared with Artist Sheila Root. Significant changes will be brought to buyers attention prior to shipping. Our goal is to make sure everyone is happy with their kits. We rely greatly on referrals, so please help us grow so we can offer better deals!

Weight 6.0 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1.6 in
Kit Options

Base Kit with 1 Flower + 2 Buds, Kit + 1 Extra Flower, Kit + 2 Extra Flowers, Kit + 3 Extra Flowers